Moving an Industry Leader Forward

After more than 100 years in business, AT&T has rolled out new high-speed fiber optics and has added DirecTV streaming services to their lineup. They turned to Arc Management Group as an Authorized dealer of AT&T to earn back their investment by bringing these services to more customers.

Capturing Market Share for AT&T

Cellular and streaming TV customers are overwhelmed with options. Many don’t try a new service simply because switching seems too complicated. Arc Management Group meets with customers face-to-face to understand their streaming and cell needs and offer the right solutions at the right price.

With AT&T’s billion-dollar lead generation system, we’ve reached out to millions of leads across the country. Our method drives record high close rates and we bring more customers to AT&T than any other marketing program.

Arc Management Group’s teams dominate the cell, TV and internet markets for AT&T, with more than 300,000 leads in the San Diego area alone.

Move the Needle
for AT&T

As we continue to gain market share and explore new leads, we want your help. Join our team and help convert leads to loyal customers for telecommunication giants like AT&T.