Networking Tips Anyone Can Use

Some of the most successful people in the business world are introverted by nature. This doesn’t hold them back from making a wide variety of helpful contacts. In fact, we have adopted some of the strategies used by introverts into the Arc Management Group networking approach.

We set realistic goals, just as introverts do when preparing for extroverted activities like networking. Our people seek a small handful of genuine connections at every industry event we attend. Rather than having quick discussions and collecting a huge stack of business cards, we focus on returning to the Arc Management Group office with two or three strong bonds.

Introverts also tend to reach out to other people who are

standing alone at crowded functions. We find this to be an effective strategy as well since it gives us anecdotes that we can use as simple icebreakers. It’s easy to jump right into discussing the fact that we find ourselves alone in a crowd when we start talking to someone. It’s important to remember that the other person you find will likely be very relieved by your initiative and remember you in a positive light.

We embrace a name-learning technique favored by introverts. Every time we meet someone at an event, we simply imagine a celebrity with the same first name standing next to them. This is a great way to remember someone because it gives you a visual cue to lock the person into your memory.

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